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You Don't Go to Heaven After You Die - Hardcore Bible Facts

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John the Witness with Hardcore Bible Facts on the Mind Blowers Channel...

You Don't Go to Heaven After You Die

It’s hard to fault anyone who has lost a dear loved one to comfort themselves with the thought that the deceased is up in Heaven looking down on them. Death is already very traumatic, so why add fuel to the fire with a notion of the afterlife that is quite different? Well, my condolences to all those who have lost someone. Despite all of the setbacks we go through in life, we have to stay on guard against believing a lie. Unfortunately for many, no scripture in the Bible supports the idea of the dead going directly to Heaven. Revelation 20 tells us that after we die, the dead in Christ will rise up in the First Resurrection.

Of these, there are two groups: the dead beheaded saints (Rev. 20:4) and the Great Multitude Saints of Rev 7:9-17, which will also include all of the dead saints from history who were not beheaded (this distinction is a topic for another video). The Great Multitude saints will serve in God’s Temple, while the Beheaded saints will reign with Jesus 1,000 years, a period of time when those people who miraculously survive all seven trumpets will learn the truth and live under the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. Those who did not survive the 7 trumpets will be in sleep mode until the 2nd resurrection.

If you recall the idea of the sleep state, Jesus mentioned that Lazarus was not dead but asleep. Why would He say this? Often, His words had multiple levels of meaning, and in the case of raising Lazarus from the dead, He wanted us to see that He created the idea of sleep and waking up so that we know that death is like sleep and then after some time, there is a waking up, aka resurrection. Sleep is a reminder that we die, and will be awakened the next morning (Jesus being the true Morning Star, the King of the resurrection). Death is associated with darkness, hence why we sleep at night. There you have it.

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