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Apostle Paul or FAKE Apostle Paul revised

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Do you THINK you have salvation? If you follow Paul, THINK again.
Do you LOVE Heavenly Father more than PAUL? This will TEST you.

Follow the TORAH and Yehshua's teachings glorifying TORAH...the WORD of GOD! For that is what Yeshua is, TORAH in the FLESH!

Many thanks to Reverend Morford who is a Greek/Hebrew Scholar and dedicated much time and effort to take out and revise many pagan things put in the Bible we have. CHanged the format to make it more story like to help us keep the CONTEXT of scripture to a more HEBREW perspective. "One New Man BIBLE" is what he called his WORK effort. Makes it so much easier to read the Bible.

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Some oopsies: Barnabas wrote HEBREWs...not Acts...so says Tertullion in 200 AD
The apocrypha books were taken OUT of the Protestant Bible AFTER 1855...not before.

Thanks for watching! You may share the video! Let the ROCK of YESHUA"S GOSPEL ROLL as prophecied in Daniel 2...We have inherited LIES. We need the Jews to help teach us TORAH!

Helpful LINKS:
J.D. Sheppard's Book "Jesus vs. Paul: Christianities Greatest Lies Exposed"

or purchase from Amazon his paperback book for $3.59

Comparison charts of problems with Paul:

"Jesus' Words Only" book by Douglas J. Del Tondo
available on Amazon.... $20.96 plus shipping

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